What moves us

P1050703longWhat is it that moves us? – Project
has emerged through a creative collaboration between Kirstie Simson (professor of dance improvisation at the University of Illinois, USA), and Renata Keller (film maker, graphic artist and dialogue facilitator, Germany). Over the last few decades human beings have begun to experience the cultural potential in coming together to harness our individuality for a shared purpose. By learning how to open up our deeper perceptions of communication we discover with others a unified space, and experience the cultural potential of coming together beyond our pre-conceived notions of self.

Renata and Kirstie have known each other for 25 years.  They have practiced a meditative path together for many years that has laid the foundation for their work.  They recognize that their approaches to their own particular areas of specialization are founded on the same principles of spontaneity, authenticity, aliveness and embodied awareness, and they share the same passion for discovering and living from a unified space. In their work together they will share their knowledge of developing the subtle capacities of perceptions that are needed to experience this field of awareness.

In the workshops Renata and Kirstie will guide sessions together, interweaving times for moving, reflection and dialogue.  By bringing people together in this way a journey of discovery will ensue, during which some of the following questions will be looked into:

  • What is it that moves us and brings us together?
  • What is an authentic dialogue with others through body language and spoken word?
  • How do we listen and move in a shared space?
  • How do our ways of relating to others change when we discover a joint space of experimentation and creativity?
  • How do we shift our focus from a small sense of self to a shared and open dimension of knowing and reality?
  • What is the source of our actions and what could it be?
  • Where does ‘I’ begin and end?

Our dialogue and movement work offers ways for people to go beyond their self-preoccupations and limited notions of life and self, in order to discover and express a unified space of experimentation and creativity.  In understanding intuitively and conceptually where we speak and move from, and reaching to engage with each other more authentically, we are opened up to genuine and honest ways of communication. We will cultivate and practice capacities of deep listening and sensing, getting to know ourselves, others and our relationship to the world in new ways, through learning to develop a strong, unifying foundation of trust and confidence in life.

We welcome people of all levels of movement experience to our sessions, including no previous experience to professional level involvement with dance. Please see bios and descriptions about the work that Renata Keller and Kirstie Simson do individually.