What moved us about our first workshop….

P1190035 2smallWe are sitting together in a beautiful cottage in Wales at the end of a day of reflection, during which we caught the sun’s rays as they appeared between the rain-laden clouds. We arrived here a few days ago after spending time together in Berlin where, amongst other things, we taught our first workshop for about 18 people at Tanzfabrik dance studios.

We have time here, surrounded by stillness and beauty, soft hills and swooping swallows flying overhead, to reflect on and prepare for our next workshop in Maastricht, and to think about our upcoming trip to South America …

P1190054 2 smallYesterday we went on this stunning walk in Dinas nature reserve through an old forest to a thunderous river – contemplating if we wanted to swim in the icy water (which we didn’t in the end…). We admired how some of the trees had decided to grow horizontally rather than vertically – looking as if they had been drawn towards the river, with the help of strong winds, stretching out to reach it. There was a resounding stillness as if the trees were listening, and we wondered if trees are also in dialogue with each other. They have been standing there for so many years, silently growing skyward, observing the winds, rains, sunshine; dawn and dusk; and all the walkers passing beneath them…

P1190049 2smallOn this walk we reflected on our first workshop in Berlin. We received feedback from participants who said that it didn’t feel as if we were teaching together for the first time, which was interesting. Indeed it felt very natural to be co-teaching and after this first experience we see how we can improve and shape our next workshop to make it more clear and succinct. We see the potential to go deeper in our quest to explore together with others, through creative movement and dialogue, what it is that moves us. What does it mean to truly talk from our deepest place and to meet others in freedom, creativity and interest? What are the qualities of a good dialogue?

As we sat in silence during the first workshop in Berlin, as we talked and moved together, the qualities of respect, dignity, care and sweetness emerged between us all – with an almost unlimited sense of curiosity. The feeling was that our adventure has only just begun.

As we sit around the wood stove this evening in Wales, plotting and planning for our next workshop in Maastricht, we are excited about meeting the next group of people who want to explore further what it is that moves us.

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