Workshop Maastricht September 4-6 2015

Dear Renate and Kirstie,

During the dance weekend in Maastricht I experienced a deep freedom and intimacy in connecting with people. I learned again, that I only need to trust myself. There was a sweet and fluid creative field between us which was deeply good and in which everything was possible to emerge. To me the workshop shows the enormous capacity of people to create a new world from the inside out. I am really looking forward to work with you again in future events!

Lots of Love to you both!

Judith Milenna

During this workshop I was moved in different ways. I know Kirstie from the contact improvisation workshops and always love to play and enjoy the energy that she offers in her strong invitation to move and connect.
In combination with the work of Renata, I have experienced that speech and dance are essentially not so different. In this workshop I have experienced speaking as movement of energy, just like dance. This energy serves to express inner to outer and also serves to connect not only to another person, but to the complete group as one. Experiencing stillness in the listening as well as in the speaking and expressing. It was a wonderful experience!

Yvette van der Silk (


Workshop Mexico City, 17 – 18  October 2015

Kirstie and Renata are both masterful facilitators, as well as very awake and embodied women. This combination of spiritual awakening and embodied “groundedness” is rare, even among spiritual teachers, and so it was a powerful experience to be in a workshop with them. My relationship with my body has shifted after the weekend with them. I feel more at home and comfortable with my body, just as it is, and I feel more like my body is an essential and wonderful part of who I am, as opposed to just a vehicle that I only notice when it’s not working properly. I particularly enjoyed improvising with my body, and sharing that improvisation with others in a very tactile and trusting way. I believe that Renata and Kirstie are doing important, beautiful and evolutinarily potent work, and feel honored to have been a part of it!

Kirstie y Renata son facilitadoras magistrales, además de ser mujeres muy despiertas y encarnadas. Esta combinación de despertar espiritual y arraigo encarnado es poco común, incluso entre maestros espirituales, y por eso fue una experiencia poderosa estar en un taller con ellas. La relación con mi cuerpo ha cambiado después del fin de semana con ellas. Me siento más en casa y cómodo con mi cuerpo, tal como es, y siento que mi cuerpo es una parte maravillosa y esencial de quién soy, en vez de verlo solo como un vehículo que solo noto cuando no está funcionando bien. En particular disfruté improvisar con mi cuerpo y compartir esa improvisación con los demás de manera táctil y en un ambiente de completa confianza. ¡Creo que Renata y Kirstie están haciendo un trabajo importante, bello y evolutivamente potente, y es un honor ser parte de él!

Philip Watson, Mexico City

It was wonderful to host this 2 powerful women in our home in Mexico City. For me, as a woman in the path of knowing my own power and the best way to let it out without fear, this workshop was truly magical and eye opening. Renata and Kristie are very powerful facilitators, I benefited a lot of Kristie’s sweet female energy movement and Renata’s bright focused rational female brain. This workshop gave me the opportunity to clarify and have a glimpse of the kind of Woman I want to be, of the Woman I am right now, where do I stand and what is possible for me to become.
It was an extraordinary weekend, I had so much fun and learned a lot. I feel truly blessed to have met this 2 wonderful women and to have shared with them. Hope to have them back soon in Mexico City.

Liz Serrano, Mexico City

Workshop in Buenos Aires, November 7 2015

“I didn’t say in the circle at the end that when I walked through the planet and out into the street I felt a huge space inside me, watching the planet from this wonderful space in my own internal world. And I feel and think to myself: if I have space, I give space to the planet, I give space to people. If I have the heart, I give heart to the planet, I give support to the people around me. If I have much love, I give love …..”

Christina Ribas, Buenos Aires