What does it mean to be in dialogue with life?

12001039_938311839560177_541599501728351799_oWe just finished working with a wonderful group of 27 people in Maastricht at the Seetrue Mindlefulness Centre.

The theme was: What does it mean to be in dialogue with life? Since quite a few people had been training in Aikido and dance, there was already from the beginning a sense of respect for each other and for the space between us.

As we meditated, moved and talked the experience of the space in and around us grew deeper and sense-abilities grew in literal ways. The sense of touch, listening and seeing deepened and with that a bigger awe for the miracle of life, the simplicity of just being together and dialoguing together. The challenges of coming together through movement are as big as when one sits in a circle with others with speech as the tool of communication – one is aware of all the many possibilities of speaking and acting there are and the voices that tell us how to be and how to behave, what the right thing is to say, then there is this other voice that longs to be authentic, to connect from the deepest place, it is timeless and unknowable. So we experimented for 2.5 days together, in stillness, with closed eyes and surprising ourselves and others by how there was a sudden change in someone’s awareness or in someone’s physical or spoken expression, how the group became more awake and alert, with a deepening sense of responsibility for our being here on this planet.

And Kirstie and I said goodbye to each other this morning – we are going to meet again in Mexico City in the middle of October and will keep you posted on our next steps in our adventure of finding out what it is that moves us….


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